Salvos Yoga aims to provide a safe space where you can come aside from the busyness of your day, gain some mental space and regroup for the week ahead.


We meet together regularly for exercise and prayerful meditation.


The session starts with relaxing music playing in the background. This is followed by yoga poses that can cater for people of all levels.


Participants are then led through a guided meditation. The meditation session is purposely generic however it uses symbols that are connected to the teachings of Jesus.


The themes of the meditation differ each week and will broadly incorporate the themes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and gentleness


At the conclusion of the meditation people are invited
to stay and share a fair trade organic cup of tea; various flavours will be available.


Salvos Yoga is an open group that is welcoming and accepting of all people. It is non-judgemental, non-discriminatory, and friendly